The  insomnia  is already a well common disease in modern society as well as  obesity , today I will give tip 15 foods that will help you fall asleep. Discover now the foods that fight insomnia .

1 – Banana, in  addition to being a great source of vitamins such as B, B6 and magnesium complex, banana plays an important role in the production of  serotonin , a hormone that will leave you relaxed.

2 – Cereal,  as always said here in  DNR  cereals are rich in  fiber  which helps in weight loss, their consumption combined with foods rich in  tryptophan , banana for example, help to better synthesize the amino acid.

3 – Green vegetables  rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamin B help to  calm  the body.

4 – Nutmeg,   this spice / spice has been used for many years in other countries as a sleeping pill.

5 – Honey,  favors the “path” of tryptophan to the brain.

6 – Chamomile Tea –  works as an excellent  muscle relaxant , ideal for people who practice bodybuilding.

7 – Green tea –  the drink reduces morning drowsiness and improves sleep quality, because it contains caffeine should be consumed in the morning.

8 – Seeds –  help in the formation of melatonin, some examples of seeds for consumption are  sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame .

9 – Lettuce,  its leaves contain sedative properties. You can also consume it in tea form.

10 – Mint,  contribute to the relaxation of the nerves and good digestion, its use is ideal after meals.

11 – Red meat,  the  creatine  present in meat helps combat the effects of insomnia.

12 – Milk,  you may have heard several times that a glass of warm milk before bed helps in the night sleep, know that this is not a myth and milk really is a good ally.

13 – Oatmeal,  source of  tryptophan  also helps to maintain a continuous sleep.

picture of a pot with oats

14 – Cheese,  plus a  tryptophan-  rich food that aids sleep, prefer lean white cheeses.

15 – Red wine,  now you have a good reason to drink, a glass of red wine contains melatonin, a hormone that induces relaxation. Be careful of abuse, just one cup is enough.