Did you read that now the “fad” is to cut the carbohydrates from your diet? So know in this article, 8 reasons why you consume carbohydrates!

With fad diets and even scientific nourishment, the tendency to recommend is for carbohydrates to be  removed  or at least part of our eating habits (not to mention the fact that the types of carbohydrates to be consumed are also carefully – not always – recommended).

Since this is the  main source of energy  for human beings, the presence of this macronutrient in the diet has been present and evident since ancient times, although obviously the consumption of meat by the old man is rather preferential and frequent, even more so after the discovery of fire.

However, despite these recommendations that are made today, we must understand that most of them are recommendations that are either erroneous or misunderstood or misinterpreted by those who listen or read. When we talk about the  partial withdrawal of carbohydrates , we refer mainly to the fact that today the consumption of carbohydrates, especially refined and low quality carbohydrates, has become a bad habit of humans and, allied with the modern style of carbohydrates. and the result could not really be another:  Overweight, obesity, various systemic diseases such as Diabetes, hypertension, increased lipid (and not just cholesterol) in the body, various metabolic syndromes, among others .

If the primary function of carbohydrates is to provide energy, and this is essential for life, they also have their space within limitations and proper protocols, right? Well, today we will address  8 reasons why carbohydrate consumption should exist in the diet .

1 – Energy

Although any of the 3 macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) can be converted into energy compounds for the body, glycids are preferred. This is because the human body has equipment designed for metabolization and therefore the optimal use of this source.

Carbohydrates help in anaerobic work , that is, training aimed at strength, muscle hypertrophy and others, proving to be very useful for the bodybuilder.

However, it is worth remembering that just as the first reason why carbohydrates should be consumed is energy itself, these levels should be adjusted to the individual needs of the person, since the excess will most likely be used for stock. . This stock which, exceeding the maximum glycogen levels, will be converted into fat.

2 – The brain is carbohydrate dependent

The brain is one of the tissues present in the human body that basically works on glucose. Of course, in extreme emergency cases, there may be the use of other compounds, such as ketone bodies. However, these are extremely toxic to brain tissue, so if used for a long time (mostly followed) they go into “shock” and, in the long run, consequently have serious damage.

Obviously, when we get into a ketosis state, we can get up to some time in the absence of carbohydrates, and by consuming other foods like proteins and lipids we can even turn them into glycolytic compounds, but that’s not the case. Ideal% and not recommended to be done for a long time.

Thus, there is no need to clog up carbohydrates, but consume them within an acceptable and harmless individual pattern.

3 – Carbohydrates help YES control hunger and / or appetite

For individuals who are in the muscle definition phase or who simply need to lose weight, carbohydrates are not necessarily villains, but they can be helpful in this process. Like? Firstly, we must remember that dietary fibers are carbohydrates (not primarily energetic) and, if we remember correctly, dietary fibers are of great help in delaying gastric emptying, in improving the absorption of some nutrients (in excess). , becomes the opposite), in the intestinal flow among others, thus causing hunger (physical and glucocytopenia – cytoglycopenia – too) to be reduced.

Dietary fibers also help reduce the overall glycemic impact of the meal, favoring not only appetite control, but also its durability.

When we talk about carbohydrates yet, we should pay attention, as I mentioned a few times before, to the type of carbohydrate. Certainly by consuming simple sugars, refined carbohydrates and lacking a good fiber content and the like, we will even have a momentary satiety, but which will last for a little while and often cause hunger to double, harming more than helping. Thus, give  preference to COMPLEX carbohydrates  and preferably with low glycemic index.

4 – Hormonal Impact

For those who immediately think that I will refer to insulin, I say that they are wrong. I don’t want to go into the merits of carbohydrate X insulin and its impact, either, because other nutrients, such as some amino acids, such as L-Leucine, can stimulate insulin secretions.

In this way, I refer to other signals (remembering that hormones are signals) that may occur in relation to carbohydrate consumption.

Among the  main hormonal stimuli is  serotonin , one of the main hormones related to well-being and happiness. Carbohydrates normally, in addition to causing these serotonin levels to rise, also contribute to their production, since such a hormone is produced in the intestinal wall, which needs to be released, unobstructed. Thus, feces or any other things that are there hinder their production and release. So we should know that if dietary fibers are carbohydrates and are in normally glycemic (or even regulatory) foods, then we have come to understand this point.

It is also worth remembering that serotonin is one of the hormones responsible for satiety. By consuming carbohydrates, always within our individual needs and in properly designed quantities, we are once again assisting in healthy weight loss.

5 – May assist in burning body fat

The  resistant starch , dietary fiber one carbohydrate present in some, it is a non – digestible by the human body molecule, lack of enzymes responsible for its hydrolysis. Thus, in the gut, they will be fermented by bacteria, generating short-chain fatty acids (AGCC) (which already links us to the prevention of various diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, among others). In turn, when fermented, these molecules stimulate some enzymes that “melt” fat stores in the body.

6 – Easy availability to get away from home

Among the most common foods that are found in a supermarket, in most restaurants, in the streets, in shops and in many other places, are the blessed carbohydrates. Truth be told: This really can be considered a double-edged sword, as this has been, for example, one of the main factors in the growth of various diseases such as those mentioned above (diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity etc).

However, this ease of carbohydrates can make the diet practical, provided it is done intelligently. We can walk down the street eating a chicken lunch with rice, which would be ideal. But in crowded places, this could become a further drag, and most would be ashamed to do so. But we hardly see anyone who has any kind of restriction on carrying a sandwich or anything like that.

7 – Assist in the absorption of some nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract.

It is still not well understood how this mechanism of better absorption of some nutrients works, but Waxy Maize is one of the best examples that we can cite: It greatly assists in the absorption of Creatine, for example, a factor most likely due to the osmolarity it presents in digestive tract. Therefore, strategically we can obtain better results with the consumption of these. Maltodextrin or even some easily digestible carbohydrate drinks also make creatine better absorbed, according to most people.

8 – Fast power supply for some sports

Carbohydrates, usually simple or oligosaccharides, may recover in muscle and / or liver glycogen as soon as possible when properly chosen. Today, it is known that mixtures such as maltodextrin and fructose are quite effective (more than either alone) for restoring muscle glycogen as quickly as possible during physical activity.