Rich in carotene and vitamins, carrots are known for their many health benefits , including skin and eyesight.

But the carrot is also rich in minerals and fiber , making it an excellent detoxifier that purifies the body. Thus wild carrot hydrosol is recommended for detox treatments. Toning and soothing, it is also Tier 2 keto Reviews indicated for emotional disorders.

Detox treatment with carrot hydrosol: a bio solution

When consumed orally, hydrosol or floral carrot water facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body . It is a blood purifier, very effective against the problems of cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension, but also against kidney disorders. It stimulates the hepatobiliary functions, facilitating the diuretic action.

Thus, wild carrot hydrolate is recommended for treating liver disorders. It stimulates the liver and kidneys. Its depurative properties are also effective against constipation and digestive disorders . Carrot water is also a good cardiovascular regulator.

For effective treatment, one or two tablespoons of carrot hydrosol should be diluted in one liter of drinking water during the day for 20 days. You will be rid of all the toxins accumulated in the body.

Carrot hydrosol for a good look

The carrot floral water also has energetic and psycho-emotional properties. Revitalizing and hypotensive, it regulates blood pressure and soothes temperament. It is the ideal remedy for people with an excessive need to be reassured and feel safe. Organic carrot hydrosol treatment gives them a sense of stability and self-confidence and a good all-day look.

Carrot floral water is recommended for cases of anxiety and lack of certainty. Here, the treatment is also done orally in the form of herbal tea : a teaspoon in a cup of warm or hot water to drink three times Tier 2 keto a day for 30 to 40 days. Feel free to resume treatment two or three times a year. Carrot hydrosol allows you to live the moment.

If its benefits on the skin are no longer to demonstrate, organic wild carrot is also an effective depurative and emotional tonic . It releases the body of toxins and gives assurance in case of anxiety. Easy to use and perfectly tolerated by the body, carrot hydrosol as a conditioner or detox cure is taken orally.