After giving birth, women look for the perfect recipe to eliminate those extra pounds we earn during pregnancy. Today we present the ceviche diet that follows Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who after two pregnancies quickly recovered her figure.

The diet is based on the consumption True Keto Boost Side Effects of raw foods, since in this way they retain all their nutrients. Fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables are essential in this diet, as are other foods such as gazpacho, almond milk or ceviche , which gives its name to the plan.

Just this last way to prepare the fish “contains little fat and is low in calories. It is served raw and marinated in lemon juice. It has multiple nutritional properties, since it provides proteins, omega 3 and 6, zinc, selenium, iodine, potassium and vitamins A, D, E and K.

But it is important that you eliminate from your diet processed foods or fast foods that are full of fat and calories, in addition the ceviche diet provides energy to the body, strengthens the hair, nails and the skin gives an extra luminosity.

Ceviche Diet:

– Breakfast

A glass of soy milk and a piece of papaya or a slice of rye bread with tofu.

– Mid-morning

A glass of carrot, celery and beet juice with a tablespoon of pollen.

– Food

Alfalfa, tomato, onion and celery sprouts salad with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Salmon Ceviche

– Snack

A pear or a natural yogurt with three almonds.

– Dinner

Soy salad, grated carrot, beet and onion with oil, salt and lemon.

Remember that before starting a True Keto Boost diet it is important that you visit your doctor to determine if this diet is perfect for you.