Do you want to burn body fat ? Do you hesitate between biking and walking as a daily activity to lose weight? In comparison, it is better to pedal than to walk to get your calories and get quicker. Why ? What are the properties of cycling on your body? We tell you everything and above all Keto Trim 800 how to practice it to lose your extra pounds.

Cycling burns more calories than walking

In all likelihood, the bike (indoor or outdoor) achieves its goal of slimming much faster than walking, even when it is fast. For one hour of exercise, the bike can lose up to 850 kcal against about 250 kcal for walking for the same duration .

The practice of cycling allows you to slim your thighs and build your glutes gently and deeply.

Cycling: a gentle and effective sport for losing weight

Cycling, unlike running , is relatively soft, especially for the joints and tendons. In addition, it is one of the sports that burns the most fats and has beneficial effects on your cardiovascular health. It promotes the tone of your legs and stimulates blood circulation.

Sports program to lose weight using your beginner’s bike

In order to refine yourself evenly, you should practice cycling twice a week, for 45 minutes at a slow pace. Between each session, spaced at least two days to recover, practice stretching and sheathing exercises to work your abdominal belt.

You will slim down your thighs, build your buttocks and slim down.

Sports program to lose weight using your bike for experienced athletes

This intensive weekly program is ideal for losing weight quickly and effectively . It includes 3 outings per week. The first should last between 45 min and 1 hour and be done on an empty stomach, at normal pace . The second is longer (between 1h30 and 2h) and it is advisable to alternate between normal gait and slightly higher gait over periods of approximately 10/15 min.

The third outing, finally, should last an hour. It also relies on the splitting of efforts. After 30 min of effort at normal pace to warm up, start accelerating for 30 sec before coasting for 30 sec . Perform these accelerations for 15 to 20 min before finishing on 10 min of recovery.

You will understand, between Keto Trim 800 Reviews walking and cycling, it is better to opt for the second to lose weight. It draws more from fat and, at the rate of 3 workouts per week, you will see the effects after only a few weeks.