The following is a juice to lose weight and cleanse the colon, being the perfect example of how to burn fat.

The industry has filled us with a host of products and medications that promise to help us lose weight, although most of them are ineffective and only represent a large sum of money thrown in the trash. For this reason, True Keto Boost the consumption of natural foods to lose weight is always recommended, thus avoiding spending unthinkable amounts of money, and of course, minimizing the risks of putting the integrity of the body at stake.

The following is a juice to lose weight and cleanse the colon, being the perfect example of how burning fat does not have to be expensive or make significant and drastic changes in the daily life of those who have committed themselves to the process.


To prepare this juice, you will only need 5 ingredients that you can find in any supermarket. Without supplements True Keto Boost or other substances that promise to lose weight and that honestly, offer very little results.

  • A slice of pineapple
  • 1 apple
  • A medium portion of Aloe Vera or Aloe vera
  • ½ green cucumber
  • The juice of an orange


Cut the pineapple slice into small pieces, like the cucumber, the apple, and use only half the content of a freckle of Aloe vera or aloe. You must ensure that all the ingredients maintain the shell (since they contain high amounts of fiber and provide other benefits).

Pour all the ingredients into the blender along with a glass of water. Next, mix them until you get a completely watery, lump-free liquid.

To finish, add the orange juice and blend again.


With this you will already have an effective juice that will help you burn those extra kilos at the same time that your colon will benefit from an effective purification. The recipe is designed for two servings, so you should take one in the day and the rest at night, for seven days in a row to see the results.

However, despite the effectiveness of the mixture, you must keep in mind that no juice or food will help you True Keto Boost lose weight if you do not do your part. For that reason, you should follow a balanced and nutritious diet, and exercise regularly.