If in this last month of the year, you plan to take a trip and give yourself a little break from work and the office; It is important that you do not neglect your personal care. Possibly, when changing the environment we also set aside some habits; but for no reason should we forget the skin care, since it undergoes different variations.

The weather and environmental factors

You must keep in mind if your destination is a warmer or colder place. This will depend on whether your skin has characteristics of oily or sensitive skin, according to the intensity of the sun’s rays. Hence, it is essential to have a sunscreen of appropriate consistency. If the place of destination has a hotter climate then you need a sunscreen emulsion that is not greasy, and also try to maintain the hydration of your skin. But if you travel to a cold place, you can use a sunscreen cream.

Similarly, environmental factors alter your skin, greatly changing basic care. The more populated and polluted the city, the more impurities adhere to the skin; generating the appearance of pimples. Therefore, it is necessary that you perform several cleanings to your face during the day.

Products for the trip

You may wonder, how to transport the products I use frequently in my home? Clearly, it is complicated to try to carry large containers in the luggage, because they are not allowed to pass in the airports. However, there are very practical and comfortable solutions, which allow not to spend money on cosmetic products when arriving at the destination. Without a doubt, the best option is to have a kit of products that contain less volume or quantity (15ml – 30ml) and pack them in a small tula. In this way, it is possible to facilitate its accommodation in the suitcase or suitcase. This basic kit must contain at least four or five products according to your skin type.  Mainly, cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, scrub and nourishing; In addition to a clean facial towel.

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