Are you looking for an effective method for shaping your body? This Full Body program to practice in 2 days is for you . Whether you are a beginner or advanced, wanting to lose weight or gain muscle mass ,Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS the following exercises can help you achieve your goal.

Full body in 2 days for the whole body

For this time, you will have to work all your muscles. This functional training is therefore more or less intense. However, it will take a maximum of one hour and thirty minutes per session. Thus, you will need 3 hours a week to train. Note that these exercises are to be done in the gym if possible and not at home . How many sets for each sequence?

We will have for each session 3 sets of 10 repetitions of bar squat, raised Romanian soil at the bar, bench press with dumbbells , chest draw wide, vertical rowing, curl bar, legs and vertical crunchs and dips.

Full body in 2 days soliciting a little more upper body

For this case, the legs will be less worked than the arm and abs . We will have the following sequences:

– for the bench press and the supine tractions, 3 sets of 8 repetitions – for the side elevations as well as the curl bar, the triceps bar at the forehead, the thigh presses and the leg curl, we will make 3 series of 10 repetitions- for crunches, the ideal is to make 3 sets of 20.

Who is the Full Body recommended for in 2 days?

This method is especially recommended for those who prefer cardio to strength . It is also suitable for those who can not devote a little of their time every day to play sports. At each session, all the muscles will be solicited, so it is quite possible to lose weight or muscle with 2 sessions per week. Provided of course to perform the exercises well.

Why follow a Full Body workout plan?

Very intense, this method encourages you to spend a lot of energy. It is therefore possible for you to lose weight quickly . It also allows you to have a muscle balance since this kind of training requires you to work all your muscles in one session.

One last tip? It is important to Balanced Max Keto note that no sport program is effective without a good diet . Also, pay attention to your nutrition.