Salmon oil is one of the foods that more properties and benefits can bring to the body, since it is rich in Omega 3 essential oils, knows everything about this great food.

The salmon oil is one of the foods most properties and benefits can bring to the body because it is rich in essential oils Omega 3 , which have proven effective in reducing levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and stimulate circulation, preventing the appearance of clots and thrombi.

It also has DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) that is essential for the correct development of the brain and eyesight. This is transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, while after birth, breast milk is the main source of this compound that also prevents attention disorders in children, and reduces the risk of parkinson’s disease in adults.

Another of its most prominent components is the EPA (Eicosapentanoic Acid), which stimulates the production of Prostaglandins of the 3 series, whose function is to reduce blood clotting, which leads to a lower probability of developing thrombosis or hypertension .

Thanks to all this set of components, Salmon Oil is positioned as one of the most viable alternatives to protect our immune system, since it contains healthy fats that help us eliminate the toxins that our body absorbs daily through food and the very contamination of the current society in which we live. That is why, since ancient times, its use has expanded to unsuspected horizons.

Salmon: what is it, how is it produced?

Salmon is a fish that usually inhabits salt water, although its reproduction is carried out in fresh water. Depending on the species, each one has different characteristics, being that some can reach sizes up to 45kg in weight with a length of 1.5 meters.

Being a species of wild capture, its main production derives from industrial processes through aquaculture, which consists in reproducing salmon in specialized farms to increase the number of specimens that are destined for human consumption.

Currently, both Atlantic salmon and Pacific Salmon are two of the varieties that have the greatest demand, and therefore, those with the largest scale of production worldwide. Both species are similar to each other, although they grow at different times. In the case of the first, its production extends throughout the year, while in the second, it is limited only to the summer months.

The consumption of salmon should Super Fast Keto Boost Reviews be taken into account for people of all ages, and not only of the oil itself, but also of the meat, since it is one of the leanest we can find in the market.

Generally, its nuance has a natural pink color and that is precisely what is taken as a reference when giving it an economic value, since the substances that are responsible for pigmenting the meat also provide a high amount of antioxidants, significantly improving the quality of the product and therefore, brought clearer benefits to the human body.

The concentration of salmon is such that consuming only two or three servings, either of oil or meat, provides three times the recommended daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Salmon Oil Composition

Salmon oil, as explained above, is a 100% natural product and has properties that are highly beneficial for the body, since in addition to being composed of Omega 3, EPA and DHA, it also provides a mineral series up to 25 times more than any other food of animal origin.

Among these, the presence of fat-soluble vitamins that are necessary to maintain strong bones (vitamin D), stimulate the formation of cells (Vitamin A) and provide antioxidant agents (Vitamin E) to keep the immune system in an optimal state of health .

For every 4ml of Salmon Oil, we can find:

  • 1400 mg unsaturated fatty acids
  • 1300 mg of polyunsaturated fatty acids (1050 mg of them correspond only to Omega 3)
  • EPA 350 mg
  • 450 mg of DHA
  • 150 mg of Omega 6 fatty acids.

Health benefits of salmon oil

  • Thanks to its content in Omega 3 it is excellent for reducing blood pressure levels, as it helps to stimulate blood flow, by dilating blood vessels. Simultaneously, it is also helpful for lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Increases the metabolic rate by decreasing glucose levels, leading to greater fat burning. By taking up to 6ml of salmon oil a day, together with exercise you can lose a large amount of accumulated fat in a short time.
  • Ironically, it also prevents weight loss in cancer patients in advanced stages, although many doctors claim that salmon oil helps fight depression, significantly improving mood.
  • Improves bone strength, especially when combined with calcium and Evening Primrose Oil. With this it is possible to delay the loss of bone density and the bone mass in the femur and spine is increased, so it is excellent for older people suffering from osteoporosis.
  • It has a high impact on the delay of atherosclerosis, a disease that is characterized by stiffening of the arteries of the body. However, the consumption of Salmon Oil only benefits the coronary arteries (those that are responsible for pumping blood to the heart), but this does not happen with carotid arteries (which carry blood through the neck, towards the head).
  • Cases have been found in which Salmon Oil, in combination with Naproxen, is ideal for combating the symptoms of morning stiffness, since it also leads to a lower consumption of pain medications such as anti-inflammatories.
  • It also helps to cope with calmer pain that usually manifests during the menstrual cycle, especially when combined with Vitamin B6.
  • Thanks to DHA, it stimulates children’s learning, reducing the risk of suffering from attention deficit and improving thinking and behavior skills.
  • It prevents Raynaud’s syndrome, that is, it improves cold resistance in people who suffer from it.
  • It reduces by 27% the chances of suffering strokes. However, this benefit may not be achieved in people who take aspirin frequently.
  • It reduces the impact of depression symptoms and helps prolong the time between episodes of depression. At the same time it is effectively supplemented with antidepressant medications, as it has been found that many of the episodes are produced by the low rates of Omega 3 in red blood cells and blood plasma.
  • Over the years, the consumption of Salmon Oil (between 4 and 8 ml / day) delays the loss of kidney function. Patients with high-risk kidney diseases such as Iga neuropathy also benefit from it. At the same time, it stimulates the regulation of the proteins that are eliminated through the liver, this being a beneficial effect for those suffering from kidney diseases caused by diabetes.
  • Studies carried out in adolescents and adults under 25 years of age and showing mild episodes of psychosis, showed a significant advance in their condition by consuming salmon oil over several weeks.
  • Avoid the risks of developing endometrial cancer in women, especially those who consume it regularly, week after week.
  • It has been found that Salmon Oil, in conjunction with Evening Primrose Oil, Thyme Oil and Viamina E, counteracts movement disorders in children suffering from dyspraxia.
  • Consuming salmon oil prevents dry eye syndrome.
  • It has been found to be excellent for combating cough, improving air flow and reducing the need for medication in children suffering from asthma. However, so far no similar case has been registered in adults.
  • Taking a month before and a month after salmon oil, reduces the risk of a re-blockage of the coronary arteries after a bypass surgery on them. Despite this, when it is consumed before an angioplasty is performed, it seems to have no effect at the time of preventing the blood vessels from closing again.
  • These are other great benefits of salmon oil:
  • It serves to prevent and treat dermatitis
  • It reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, by stimulating the dilation of blood walls, reducing the presence of triglycerides in the blood, regulating blood pressure and preventing the formation of clots.
  • Serves with anti-inflammatory, so it is a viable alternative to the use of laboratory drugs.
  • Increases blood sugar metabolism in patients with diabetes.
  • Improves fertility and sexual vigor.
  • Strengthens nerve functions

How to consume salmon oil, according to the objective:

  • Decrease in blood triglycerides: Take 1-4ml / day.
  • Reduction of high blood pressure: Take 3ml / day.
  • Reduce atrial filibration: Take 3ml / day.
  • Fight rheumatic arthritis: Eat 3.8ml / day of EPA and 2 / ml of DHA daily.
  • Treatment of coronary heart disease: 3-5 ml / day of EPA and 0.6-3.7 ml / day of DHA
  • Reduce and prevent the continuous rise in blood pressure and to preserve renal function after heart transplantation: 4ml / day.
  • Prevent the development of severe psychosis in people with mild symptoms: 1.2ml / day.
  • Developmental coordination disorder in children: 558mg of EPA and 174mg of DHA, in three different doses throughout the day.
  • Treat Raynaud’s Syndrome: Drink 3.96ml of EPA and 2.64ml of DHA.
  • Stimulate fat burning: Consume 4ml / day.
  • Prevent and reverse hardening of the arteries: 6ml / day in the first 3 months and thereafter 3ml daily.
  • Fight attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: 400mg of Salmon Oil and 100mg of Evening Primrose Oil.
  • Fight asthma in children: Take 17-26.8 mg / kg of EPA and 7.3-11.5 mg / kg of DHA.
  • Prevent miscarriages: 5.1ml / day.
  • For painful periods: 1080 mg of EPA and 720 of DHA per day.
  • Improve mobility disorders in children with dyspraxia (poor coordination): Take 4ml / day.
  • Treat depression together with conventional antidepressant medications: 9.6ml / day.

Salmon oil, as described above, can be supplemented with other supplements, however, some others can cause Super Fast Keto Boost problems such as blood loss. These are: cloves, ginger, garlic, willow, turmeric, red clover, ginkgo, sage miltiorrhiza, Panax ginseng, etc.

Contraindications to the consumption of salmon oil

Do not administer in pregnant or breastfeeding women, more than 3ml / day, due to antiaggregant activity.