Those who practice regular physical activity at a high level or as an amateur often make special diets. We can see for example bodybuilding professionals following a hyper protein diet.

It is important for those who follow this type of diet to know when to take protein , when is the best time to allow the body to feel good. We tell you everything.

When to take protein?

There are several schools for when to take protein. Some say it is best before training and others say it is after. Rapid Fast Keto Boost More concretely, it depends on the type of sport you practice.

For strength sports, it is best to take protein before and after training, while for endurance sports , post-training proteins are prescribed.

What does pre-training protein do?

You can take the protein before training. At this point, digestion must not be completed, but it must also not be at the very beginning. If your protein snack is meat, you should take it at least 1 hour before starting your cardio session, for example.

For the sportsman, taking proteins before training it makes it possible to bring energy for the efforts and also to keep a high level of amino acid in the blood for a better training and a reduction of the muscular destruction during l ‘effort.

Why take post-training protein?

Protein after training is for those who want to facilitate muscle reconstruction. What you need to know is that during physical exertion, the muscles undergo micro tears.

Taking protein after training is therefore ideal to facilitate this muscle reconstruction . This allows for a more pleasant and less strenuous training tomorrow.

Why take protein?

Proteins are found in everyday food. Most muscles are made of protein, hence the need for the body to have them regularly, especially for those who want to gain muscle mass . The amount of protein in the body should still be monitored especially for those who take it as a supplement. The intake of protein supplement should not be more than 1 gram per kilo per day to keep a healthy body.

Proteins are essential for a healthy body. A person who does high level sport or who wishes to gain muscle mass should favor a high protein diet.

The debate over taking protein before or after training is a long-standing debate and opinions differ . A Rapid Fast Keto Boost Reviews protein intake before training allows less muscle destruction and after training, it allows faster muscle reconstruction.

It’s up to you to choose what suits you best, paying attention to your quantities.