The shoulders , that muscle group that can make the difference between a mediocre body and one above average.

A shoulder exercise routine is always something that is appreciated, and especially if it is well designed and effective, so Flow Fusion below you have some shoulder exercises and a routine for you to perform in your phases of muscle mass increase.

Shoulder Exercise Routine

In case of a frequency routine one for shoulders, we must include a vertical thrust exercise that works the front head, two that work the side head and one or two that work the back head.

Military press with bar

Shoulder exercise for the front head will help us gain strength and increase the ability to recruit more fibers from our shoulders. As a recommendation when we go through the middle of the route, we will raise our trapezoids little by little as we move towards the final position.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The frontal head also works, but to a greater extent it does it with the lateral one, in addition to the triceps and trapezoids. Very easy to perform and a low probability of injury, you should never miss a shoulder routine.

Lateral elevations

You can see this exercise in any shoulder routine, it causes a great stimulation of the lateral head of the shoulders and trapezoids, the best thing is that it is very easy to perform and can rarely be tricked by helping you with other muscles.

Rowing with open elbow dumbbells

This is a kind of intermediate crossing between birds and a dumbbell oar, in which we will focus on contracting the scapulae and isolating the posterior head of our shoulders.

Reverse contractor

This is just a few birds but in the pectoral opening machine, to get a greater stimulus we will keep the contraction at its peak for a second, the middle and lower part of the trapezoids works very well.

Shoulder routine

Next you have a shoulder routine that you can do once a week:

A.Press military 4 × 6/4/2/1

  1. 3 × 8 dumbbell shoulder press
  2. Side elevations 3 × 12 + 1 descending series
  3. Rowing with dumbbells open elbows 3 × 15 + 1 descending series
  4. Reverse 4 × 20 + 1 timed series 60 seconds

* The timed series is one in which we will take a low weight, and we will perform all the possible repetitions without rest in a time interval of 60 clock seconds, very good to finish a routine, add a good amount of time under tension and carry blood and nutrients to the trained muscle group.


Performing effective routines is nothing more than choosing the correct exercises, combining high and low repetition Flow Fusion Reviews ranges and high intensity techniques and in case we want to specialize some muscle group, we will increase the priority and frequency of this, so if you want specialize the shoulders, we can add some more exercise to this routine or even do it twice a week.