Everyone knows that protein is of utmost importance to the muscles , especially hypertrophy! But it is important to mention, that not every protein should be consumed indiscriminately, especially if your goal is to lead a healthy life and gain muscle without getting fat.

When it comes to health, invest only in high quality protein and amino acids essential for building muscle. But let’s not talk about this protein here, quite the opposite…

Let’s list the 4 worst protein sources  you shouldn’t consume at all! They are usually found very easily in cafeterias and the like!


  • Sausage

It has no meat in its entirety, by contrast, a processed mixture with low-quality leftover beef, pork and chicken, including head, paw and skin. And to top it off, lots of sodium nitrite (used in the process of curing and fixing the reddish color), corn syrup and tons of fat.

Remember that in October 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) put sausage, bacon and ham in the same group of carcinogens as tobacco and asbestos!

BACON:It is the smoked pork belly and there are people who just smell the smell, but there is a food that can be dispensed without fault! Like sausage , it’s highly processed meat (modified to improve its flavor) with saturated fat and lots of sodium!

1 slice of bacon has 54 calories, 4g protein, 4g fat and 160mg sodium!

In addition to the danger of cancer (especially colorectal cancer) it increases cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

HAMBURGER:The hamburger meat has dyes, thickeners and preservatives. It even has a good amount of protein , but an exorbitant accumulation of fats, sodium and chemical additives. Not to mention those deep greasy special sauces, along with bacon and the famous portion of chips.

If you can’t live without the saying whose, opt for a real  hamburger made from real meat, use only salt and black pepper to season and you don’t even need oil to grill.


fried chicken:A grilled chicken fillet is the best of all worlds in lean protein . He is a wildcard on a balanced diet!

The big problem is when they come up with a piece of chicken, bread it and have it seen in the hot oil.

The rising temperature of the oil causes it to go through chemical processes, harmful to the body!

What was supposed to be a healthy food turns into a fat and calorie bomb ! Fat intake, especially when dealing with these diner chickens , may cause:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cholesterol increase

Now that you know what your diet can sabotage , here are good sources of protein for a balanced diet and for hypertrophy seekers:

  • Natural yogurt
  • lean meats (duckling, titty, filet mignon, for example) of good origin
  • chicken breast fillet
  • skimmed milk
  • cottage cheese

Supplements like whey protein and casein

Aside from protein, it is worth remembering that it is extremely useful for you to escape from soda, alcohol, sugar and excess salt. What’s more, train intensely and regularly for a strong, healthy body.