The calf is a hard muscle to grow, but with the right training you can achieve the expected results. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best calf workout out there.

Many people want to learn how to gain calf because this is certainly one of the hard muscles to grow. This happens for basically two reasons:

Leg is not much seen by men as essential, so always try to train the upper body

When training the leg , sometimes they do not train very willingly or do not do all the exercises, leaving aside some more boring, such as the calf

Why My Calf Workout Has No Effect

Just like any other muscle, you will only be able to increase and gain mass if you do a correct calf workout by training at least once a week.

For those who train from Monday to Saturday, the same training is repeated twice each, and Monday training is repeated on Thursday, Tuesday training is repeated on Friday and Wednesday training is repeated on Saturday. That is, leg training will be on your schedule at least twice a week.

But if you train only from Monday to Friday, especially if you are a male, usually leg training is on Wednesday, as it is the day that will not be repeated.

How to train calf to get fast results

If you find yourself in this case, know that the best way to gain calf is on that single day to train for two days. This does not mean that you will do all the exercises twice! In no way can you do that! But that means Wednesday must be your most focused day! Because while you have two days for each workout, the fourth workout happens only once a week.

So the people who figured out how to gain calf shortly actually followed exactly what is being said here. The intensity of your calf exercise should be higher than any other workout. In fact, your entire leg workout should be intense.

So don’t worry about training slower, taking a little longer to rest. The leg workout really is a little more time consuming the rest, mainly in exercises that require great force, as the case of the squat or leg press.

In the case of the calf, you will probably be able to take a few seconds less rest, but the important thing here is to increase the load. If you do 3 sets, start doing 4. And do the exercise correctly, without haste, and in a fully concentrated manner. The important thing is the correct execution of the exercise at the maximum weight you can handle.

Best Calf Exercises

Below are the main calf exercises. Try to put at least two exercises in your calf workout weekly.

Sitting Calf

Man performing plantar flexion sitting

Device Calf (Burrito)

Man training the calf in the donkey

Standing Calf

Best Calf Training

Training Calves does not necessarily have to be the same day you train your legs. If you really want to grow, you can train calves at least three times a week. As an example, you can follow the following training.


Sitting Calf – 4 x 15 (under load) or 4 x 20 (under load)

Standing Calf – 4 x 20 (under load) or 4 x 30 (under load)


Device Calf – 4 x 15 (under load) or 4 x 20 (under load)


Sitting Calf – 4 x 15 (under load) or 4 x 20 (under load)

Standing Calf – 4 x 20 (under load) or 4 x 30 (under load)


Doing a heavy and correct calf workout will soon see the results. Remember that no gain is fast, especially if your calf is very small. But within 3 months you will start to see a legal result.