On our way to have a good body, we may be interested in knowing the best exercises to increase muscle mass , in fact it is very important if you want to obtain good results according to our efforts, for this keep reading this article where they will occur The best exercises to gain muscle mass.

The best exercises to gain muscle mass

A good exercise for this purpose should stimulate a large amount of muscle mass , in addition to that it must be a safe Black Label X exercise and that allows us to lift a good amount of weight , which will allow us to recruit a good amount of muscle fibers , this is very important since only the fibers that are stimulated grow, the more weight (better nervous efficiency) we can lift, the more we recruit.

Exercises for each muscle part

In the case of the pectoral , we have as best exercises to gain muscle the flat bench press and the parallel funds , these are very safe exercises if they are performed correctly and allow to stimulate the pectoral in its entirety, apart from other muscles such as the triceps ( which act as agonists) and the shoulders (which act as agonists and some stabilizers).

In the case of the back the best exercises to gain muscle for the back we have the rowing with barbell and the dominated ones , the oar allows us to add more “thickness” to the back, since it stimulates to a greater extent muscles such as the trapeziums, posterior deltoids and rhomboids, however the dominated go better to gain more amplitude , since it allows a greater angle of stretching and better stimulates the dorsals. It should be noted that many people find it difficult to stimulate the dorsal well, for this we must focus on pulling with the back, keeping the scapulae retracted and imagining that you only throw with the little fingers.

For the arms , in the case of the triceps we have the French press and the closed bottoms for the triceps, and in the case of the biceps we have the barbell curl and the preacher curl.

For the legs , in the case of the quadriceps we have the squats, front squats and press , they are exercises that allow us to use a large load and equally stimulate all the heads of said muscle, for these exercises make sure you execute the minus a knee flexion of about 90º, that is, reaching at least parallel.

For the femoral we have the deadlift and its variants, such as the Romanian deadlift, are the exercises that allow us to lift more weight, also stimulate the forearms, trapezoids and lower back, which makes them a great choice for our training routine for increase muscle mass

For the shoulders , the best exercises are the military press and the klokov press , the military press we can do it both standing and sitting, the klokov press is made standing and is similar to the military press, but it becomes trasnuca, the first focuses plus the frontal head, while the second one does it with the lateral and posterior heads, giving a “ball” look to our shoulder. For trapeze there is nothing like good shrinkage with a bar .

For the abdominals , the best exercise to gain muscle in them as well as strength is the abdominal wheel, in addition to the high pulley crunch , these provide great strength and stability, which translates into better executed lifts.

For twins, the option is a bit limited, since we basically have two exercises, standing and sitting lifts, just focus on executing those exercises in a slow and controlled way, with the maximum possible weight.

Adding everything

These are the best exercises to gain muscle mass in each body part, depending on our needs and decompensations we can add several analytical and secondary exercises, but certainly those mentioned above must be present within each workout of each muscle part.

It is also important to follow a correct structure and periodization, for example you can find quite useful information about periodizations in books such as somanabolic muscle maximizer , transformation from both sides of the Christian Thibaudeau force, etc …

You should always focus on maintaining proper execution and not abuse the weight, the weight fills the ego, but not the muscle.

One last thing, your body is a temple, it is the most sacred thing you have, therefore you must give it what you really need, if you really take your training and muscle development seriously, then it is time to leave behind those mistakes that surely You’re committing to follow wrong information, Black Label X Reviews just like you, I also thought that I knew them all, but my way of seeing things and training changed completely when I met and put into practice the ANABOLISM SYSTEM, from there, my body is another, My muscles respond to exercise more effectively and every day the progress and progress can be seen in an incredible way.