Difficult to navigate among all the new food modes. What is the true definition of a vegan diet, and what is being vegan ?

What are the health benefits of these types of food?

What is veganism?

Vegans can be defined as much stricter vegetarians in their diet . While vegetarians don’t eat meat or fish, Slimphoria Keto vegans refuse to consume all animal products.

This includes eggs, of course , but also milk, cream, butter or honey . To compensate for the protein intake that they do not find in these products, they consume vegetable proteins, contained in soybeans , red beans, lentils and many grains and legumes .

Soy protein found in supermarkets is an alternative for preparing dishes such as chili con carne or even meatless burgers , because their texture is similar. This often results in healthy dishes full of vitamins.

Who are the vegans?

Veganism is an even more radical way of being vegan . Regarding the mode of feeding, it is the same: no animal product.

Vegans have stronger convictions and apply their principles to their daily lives, using no material of animal origin, such as sheep’s wool or leather.

They take care not to use cosmetics that have been tested on animals, and generally guide their entire lifestyle, taking care not to encourage animal suffering. No way for them to go to the zoo or see a horse race either.

How to draw inspiration from these eating methods?

These ways of life there are based first on specific convictions, namely the refusal of the exploitation of animals by humans. But it can also help us eat more balance . By refusing common foods, vegans and vegans resort to healthier and sometimes unknown products: spirulina , sprouted seeds , chia seeds , spelled …

Low in calories, they can help us lose weight. However, these strict diets easily cause deficiencies if one is misinformed .

Also, to constitute a vegan type menu , it is important to know the nutritional intake of food as well as our daily needs.

Other modes of food even more SlimPhoria Keto Reviews restrictive, like raw vegetables or frugivores , are to be taken with the greatest precaution: to advise for the people who want to make a diet of a few days only.